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START YOUR DRIVE    HERE AND GO IN ORDER ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓




This is a renegade rave so we're not going to make it that easy for you to find the place. You've gotta work for it and maybe learn a few things along the way! Grab some buddys and hop in your car to track down and piece together the correct numbers of the coordinates, and in the correct order (so start with location 1a) At each stop you're going to find a QR code to scan that will hold a little history about the place its hidden. Within the text you will decipher and pickout a set of UNDERLINED NUMBERS along with the corresponding Letter in perenthises (e.g R3) and write that on the included PDF below to print out or wallet card. Good luck.


DJ MPozi Mural (Broad Ripple)

Location #1a














Alright ravers, here is the first drop. We're starting you out with an easy one, so hop in your cars and start your drive heading towards LAVA, the hookah bar in Broad Ripple. There you will see the giant MPozi Mural on the side in the alley.  You'll notice the small utility box around the corner, on that we've stuck some QR codes (with the Jive Wise Owl face and Universal Vibe Pyramid logos) that you will open the link and do a little reading. Your first 2 coordinate numbers must be deciphered from the text (they will have a a Number and the Letter it corresponds with in parenthesis for example (R8) that you would fill out your hunt card with. Hopefully you learn a little bit about our city and scene too along the way! Make sure to walk over to Location 1b as well.

Rainbow Bridge (Broad Ripple)

Location #1b















After hitting up MPozi, make sure to walk over to the Rainbow Bridge down the block. There you will find clue number 1b and your next 2 coordinates located on the metal guardrail beside the bridge. Make sure to stroll through the alleyways to take a look at all the other graffiti as well, there is some epic art!!!

C.U.E Memorial at GrafCaps















Make your way to Keystone and E 46th St to GrafCaps, feel free to park in the large lot with the abandoned Regions Bank Tower behind the building and walk over to the Graffiti wall with C.U.E for your next CLUE!!! It'll be on the metal post next to the telephone pole. Then make your way over to 2b

RecordFace on Nickleplate









This next location is on the Nickleplate abandoned Railroad tracks on 52nd Street near Keystone. DO NOT PARK on the tracks, trust me I got a nail in my tire and it was impossible to back out of. If you’re still parked at C.U.E you can either walk the half mile up the abandoned Nickelplate railroad tracks, or go park up at Alternative Energy Source on N Tacoma Ave and 52nd St. Then you’ll want to walk over to the tracks to reveal this transformer box and look for RecordFace, where the QR code will be near.

RCA Plant Abandoned Grounds










Anyone remember when the old RCA plant was still up and running? Well there's actually some pretty cool history that goes with it. Here you’ll want to park at the intersection of Tuxedo and E North St. on the side of the street. You'll want to walk around the entrance gate (over where the trash piles are dumped and make your way into the tunnel! Climb up on the catwalk where the rail is in the tunnel and look for the QR codes stuck on metal pipes, (they stick best to metal).

Graffiti Alley Fountain Square




Here in Fountain Square you can easily park at 1038 Shelby St Parking lot and walk across the street. This is the immediate start of Graffiti Alley and where the QR's will be stuck to a metal box, This is also where commisioned murals are, however please feel free to keep strolling down the alley until you've hit the spacemen garage door, or HotBoyz Chicken, where you'll find some tagging going on in an abandoned garage, and other artwork along the way.

Marilyn Rose Graffiti Trail



Alright. You're going to want to park at the Marilyn Rose Center and walk across the railroad tracks and over the pedestrian bridge where the next QR will be on the metal post near the bridge on the East side. Walk around the space, get a feel for the excitement the graffiti brings on these free-to-paint walls! The last remnants of the graffiti trail. Take it all in, this is your last stop ravers.

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